Art by nature



I found a black hole, 

      & i don’t know what’s beyond. 

According to scientists, 

       BLACK HOLE is a more dense material in universe, where light can’t escape. 

Well, i am not talking about that black hole, 

I am talking about the black holes in real life.. 

      It may sound weird but true,  in certain dreary moments of life,  we all experience the existance of black hole. 

      Yes, black holes don’t exist only in science,  butalso in real life. 

It seems that black holes are the verge of appealing turns of life, where you can’t think or imagine  WHAT’S NEXT!! 

                    WHAT’S BEYOND THAT SITUATION!!!! 

                   WHAT’S THE SOLUTION!! 


(Somany question popped in mind) 

That time we feel, 

  • Fear
  • Anxiety 
  • Gloomy 
  • Stress &
  • Helpless. 

We think of all the possibilities to avoid those circumstances but terrible thing keeps happening. We pray to god for strength and support.

When that works,  we strengthen our souls and we explore the real black hole thing. Sometimes we lose & sometimes we win,  but we eventually cross those darkness.. 

But if we fell weak & hopeless,  the BLACK HOLE crawls towards us, engulfing us to the darkest phase where we couldn’t stand & fightback. 

So, these BLACK HOLES  in life is no doubt a very abstruse situations,  but if we have hope, strength & self-confidence, we can cross each & every blackholes (barriers) in life. Result may be in our favour or may not but still we can hope for a better &beautiful life. 

After every night, there comes a day.. 

Likely,  beyond every blackholes, there must be a very beautiful life awaiting. 



My brother

My little brother, 

   You are the first love of my life

I still remember the first dream i had about you.. 

When i suddenly one day i woke up in the morning, and told mother that, 

Mama, i have seen a dream about a little boy.. Who is playing with me.. Standing next to door.. When i approached him, he said, no.. I will come later.. Wait till then and vanished away.. And i cried.. 

And i was so lucky because you really came.. 

Yes.. After only 8months you came.. 

The most precious gift by my parents.. 

I saw you, when you were 2days old.. 

You looked like a red baby monkey.. 

I was so happy, that i have little brother whom i can tease alot.. With whom i can share all my secrets &play with.. 

I thanked god alot for making such a beautiful bond between us my brother lipun.. May god bless you always.. 

The way you look at me.. 

Every time you look at me, 

         I feel so beautiful(as if I’m an angel)

Your eyes talk so much, 

            &i love the way you do it… 

Every time i think about you, 

           I blush so much.. Unknowingly, 

I feel my world around you, 

         &i feel so lovely…. 

Every time you say that baby u r mine, 

     I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in world, 

You have the best soul in you, 

     I love your personality &i love you.. 

Every time i meet you, 

           I become speechless…. (but i have many things to tell you… )

It’s just because, 

      Baby the way you look at me, 

        I just cannot think of them… 

        And my heart starts beating faster &faster… 

   The way you look at me… 


And i lost you.. 

Something between us, 

                   Those untoldable emotions, 

                   Those little fights, 

                   Those eye contacts, 

                   Those helpless moments,

                   Those fearless activities, 

                  Those lovely conversations, 

                 Those making promises, 

              Those moments can’t be back.. 

That mutual bond between us, 

                      &you told your heart’s out

                        Your eyes were wet, 

                         You were feeling shy, 

                         You liked what i like, 

                         But u forgot them(may be it was needed).. 

You can never imagine, 

                             What i felt, 

                             What i did, 

                              How i suffered, 

                             How i managed…. 

But yes.. It’s true, 

              That i lost you… 

              But i never gonna try.. 



Have courage 

Life is not easy as it looks like, 

    You never know where the storm lies.. 

But u need to be hopeful, 

     Because difficulties makes us powerful.. 

Being optimistic doesn’t meant to be cruel, 

    Yes, u shouldn’t change your softness… 

Every problem always have solutions, 

     &with one loss, life don’t ceases.. 

When everything seems complicated 

   &you feel very suffocated…. 

Don’t lose heart, don’t stop chasing(towards the goal)

       &let your inner peace gets activated… 




Because difficulties are not going to lasts forever… 


Happiness is all about live, love&smile, 

   Sometimes it feels like I’m watching all of them from a mile… 

Life nowadays is not noble, 

      Can’t say if anybody is humble.. 

Now, this is not important how i feel, 

     as my mind wants all of them to seal.. 

Situation is now seems so painful, 

      But i am not afraid.. No… 

     Am i fearless now!!!!! 

      Am i heartless??????? 

   Or i just strengthen my SOUL…??